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Laser Genesis is an innovative and non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that reduces signs of early aging (such as fine lines) without unwanted side effects such as redness, puffy, or peeling skin.

Laser Genesis has the ability to improve:

  • sun damage

  • fine lines

  • irregular pigmentation

  • the appearance of large pores

  • rosacea (by reducing redness)

  • brown age spots

  • small blood vessels (capillaries)

  • the appearance of scars (red, raised)

In contrast with other types of lasers, Laser Genesis is suitable for all skin types, including darker complexions.

What to Expect

Laser Genesis is safe, effective, and creates minimal discomfort. You will experience a gentle warming of the skin as the Laser Genesis hand piece moves back and forth above the skin. As the laser heats the upper dermis, it stimulates collagen production. Heat generated in dilated capillaries reduces redness experienced with rosacea or scarring.

Your skin will appear flushed immediately after treatment and capillaries may be more visible. Brown spots may also appear slightly darker for a few days after the first treatment. These temporary changes will diminish gradually and you will see visible improvement after each treatment.

Patients with minor wrinkling, blotchiness and visible facial blood vessels can expect good results. Those who have deeper wrinkles and scars will require more skin rejuvenation treatments.

For best results, a series of four to six treatments at one- to two-week intervals is recommended. Maintenance treatments are also recommended, depending on your specific needs.

You will need to avoid sun exposure before and after Laser Genesis treatments, as this can cause skin discoloration and uneven skin tone.

Laser (Genesis) Facials/Rejuvenation

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